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Remy Hair Extensions

Why Choose Our Remy Collection? Our Remy hair extensions originate from Europe and India. European Remy hair is a great option for those women who wish to wear coloured hair but want to opt out of dying the hair yourself or paying a salon to dye your hair. Our Indian Remy Hair is naturally very straight and boasts from a natural sheen. This hair type is a common option for women with naturally straight hair. it is Tangle free and has minimal Shedding which all woman now dream of! This hair type will definitely last you a very long time with good care and maintenance. Just like Virgin hair, our Remy hair also comes with all cuticles intact which will ensure that the hair lasts long. (Please see our care instructions for details and information on how to look after and care for your hair) Remy hair is worn by many stars and celebrities and is a popular option as the quality will enable your hair to last long, look very natural because the hair is 100% real and is extremely durable under all weather conditions. Our Remy hair is sourced and supplied by consented and carefully vetted donors, the hair is cut from a pony tail ensuring all the cuticles are kept in their natural pattern which is a technique that can eliminate tangling by more than 90%.

So now you ask why choose Remy hair? Well just like Virgin hair – Remy hair extensions are becoming a favourable option amongst the most elite weave / hair extension wearers. This is simply down to the fact that the hair takes well to styling whether it be using heated appliances like curling wands, or the more conventional types like bendy rollers. This hair type takes well to dying and can change to an array of colours. Combing your hair extensions with ease and restyling with little effort are amongst the limitless benefits of wearing this type of hair.

Now available in colours 1-613 Innovations are pleased to introduce to you our new and anticipated Opulent Remy collection. Buy now at limited prices!

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