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Botanifying® Conditioning Shampoo
Gentle enough to use everyday, it cleanses the hair and scalp while restoring a natural moisture balance. The aromatic blend of botanicals nourishes, soothes and massages the scalp. The lubricating emollients of the shampoo linger in the hair long after the rich lather is gone.
Size: 250ml
£ 10.75 (2.00 p&p)
PuripHying® Shampoo
An emollient-rich, acidic wash that conditions and smoothes the cuticle while it removes dirt and other polluting elements. This deep-cleansing shampoo provides an immediate infusion of moisture and protein that allows strand flexibility.
£ 10.75 (2.00 p&p)
Fulfyl® Conditioning Treatment
This conditioner combines the elements most vital to hair’s health – protein and moisture- into one balance-sustaining formula for the basic maintenance of the hair. This unique fusion provides a microscopic layer on the cuticle to seal-in moisture and prevents heat surface damage.
Size: 250ml
£ 11.95 (2.00 p&p)

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