Brazilian Hair

Brazilian Hair is one of the most popular types of natural hair extensions in the world. This is down to it’s ability to blend well with all hair types, last long with good care and it’s the most cost effective of all real hair extensions.
This type of hair comes in many textures including the ever popular Natural Loose Wave. With it’s ability to dye easily to any colour of your preference, and style from Silky Straight to Deep Curls using many different styling techniques including Hot Irons, Tongs, Curling Wands or the more conventional styling methods like Bendy Rollers. This hair has become a rapid favourite amongst all hair extension connoisseurs!

Our Virgin Brazilian Hair Extensions have been sourced ethically in Brazil using trusted and reputable sources. Each pack of hair will come with slight variations due to the vast diversity of the indigenous people of Brazil. But rest assured you’ll fall in love with your new hair. The colours of our Virgin hair ranges from 1b – colour 2. Due to the fact that it is not treated in any way, we cannot and do not list the hair as a specific colour but can advise you that the hair can be dyed or bleached to match the colour of your needs. In it’s natural state, this hair blends well due to all the natural tones of the hair.

For many years now, Brazilian Hair Extensions has been a celebrity secret and popular option amongst the rich and famous however Brazilian Hair Extensions are now accessible and affordable for the everyday woman. With the options of securing clips to the track or purchasing bulk hair to plait with, Brazilian hair has never been so versatile.

Now with our new and improved reinforced wefts, this hair can last you some much longer than before you may never need to buy hair extensions again!

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